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The power of nature

Here we are coming to the end of our second lengthy lockdown. Again, our well-being and mental health are at the forefront of our discussions. Some people thrive in lockdown (me!) and others find the isolation and restrictions very challenging. I have to admit, this time around had a different feel. It came out of the blue, giving us no time to start preparing for the restrictions we were to start living with. Also, the uncertainty surrounding the length of time lockdown would last felt a little unsettling.

I found myself being drawn to nature, spending time outside in the garden, pulling weeds, sitting and watching lambs and calves leaping in the sun, and planting seeds in readiness for spring planting helped me to calm and find peace within the unknown.

My children spent hours outside - bonding with lambs and perfecting flips and rounds offs on the tramp. They made up random games with simple objects, the air filled with their joyful shouts and happy giggles. I could see their relationship was deepening and is strengthened by only having each other and plenty of time. Eventually giving up for the day when darkness descended, coming inside with bright eyes, flushed cheeks, and plenty of stories to tell.

So, as we head back into 'normal' rhythms and routines, it is my hope that we can retain a lot of the simplicity we rediscovered over the last few weeks! Or at least know that we can step outside, barefoot on the grass, and feel the beauty that is mother nature when we feel the world overwhelm us. Here are 10 great ways to connect to nature for positive mental health outcomes.

Kathy x

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