Let's Learn Naturally



Is your child needing some Vitamin N (Nature)?  
Are they needing to build confidence and resilience in the classroom?  
Do you wonder if mainstream schooling is providing all that your child needs to grow?
​ Nature schooling may be what you are looking for.
Here at The Gully Nature School, we believe that every child needs to connect to nature and for whatever reason, this is more challenging in our modern and busy lives.
  Being in nature can heal and build confidence, build resilience, and be amazing for mental health and general well-being.
 The Gully Nature School provides an environment for your children to stretch themselves and learn new skills.  Each day they will get an opportunity to build, observe, climb, create, cook, tinker, potter, and learn about the world around them in a hands-on way in an environment that lets them shine.

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“There is no WIFI in the forest but you will never find a better connection.”